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Our Programs

Some of our programs include our annual Barista Workshop led by Alex Collier at the Nest Coffee Shop in partnership with the Nesbitt Centre; Our Chinese Calligraphy Workshop with the Canadian international School Chinese Dept.; and our Silent Discos.


Our Mission

To connect Neurotypicals with Neurodivergents. Empowering the neurodiversity community through respect, inclusion, and awareness. Our student-led initiatives foster understanding through creating  programs catered to special needs individuals, and promote community-driven inclusiveness for a brighter, more inclusive future; for everyone to feel safe, valued and empowered.

Become a Chapter

Our current chapters include CDNIS, GSIS, DBS and KGV. Our chapters work together towards inclusivity through tackling advocacy and hands on initiatives within each of their schools, as well as coming together for interschool service initiatives.

SDGs We Work Towards

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Target  10.2

  • Empower and promote the Social, Economic, and Political inclusion of all; age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, etc.

  • Pursuing equality also means providing the same service: ex. Education

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Target 4.1 & 4.5

  • Ensure equitable and quality primary and secondary education

  • Ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including people with disabilities, indigenous people and children in vulnerable situations


"[Edward]'s been attending a few of the barista courses you've organised! I can't even begin to express the impact you're making. You and your team are not only creating a safe space for neurodiverse kids where they feel welcomed, but you're also creating space for their families to feel supported in an environment where this doesn't happen so often! You're giving these kids a place to shine,"

Edward's sister Sarah

Nora Jacobs, Teacher

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